About Me

Brian Rivera Jr. is a U.S. landscape, wildlife, and fine art photographer based in South Florida. His journey into the world of photography began at an early age when his parents gave him his very first point-and-shoot camera. From that day on, he has never looked back, traveling the world in constant pursuit of his art.

His expeditions have led him from the cold terrains of Alaska and Canada to the coast of Maine, to Washington's most treasured national parks, to the high altitudes of the Rocky Mountain National Park and the famous Yellowstone National Park, to the marshlands of Georgia to overseas countries like Iceland.  The drama and artistry of his photographs are born from a wonder and excitement of wanting to capture the raw power in the art of the natural world.

Brian's style is dynamic and creative. His talent of utilizing light and fleeting moments ravishes his portfolio. His success comes from his patience of wanting to capture the true essence of  whatever he is shooting. His photographs have been recognized by international as well as national magazines and competitions such as Audubon, Nature's Best Photography, Landscape Photography Magazine, and International Photography Awards, among others.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore - Andre Gide”